ViolinistsThe violin first appeared in the 16th century and has been a key instrument within the world of classical, popular, and even  rock music ever since. Composers such as Beethoven, Bartok and Mendelssohn have used the instrument to create world-famous music. Violins are available in sizes as small as 1/16th, or even 1/32nd so even very young children can learn the instrument. Violins are relatively affordable, with student instrument costing around £80, and even though the instrument is more than 500 years old, the famous virtuosos like Paganini and Vivaldi have inspired players from the world of modern music such as Nigel Kennedy and Vanessa Mae.

Our violin teacher, Dean M Davies, teaches the ABRSM violin syllabus up to grade 8, and also the ABRSM music medals, which are designed to provide motivational goals for young learners.  If you’re interested in learning violin, please feel free to contact us for more information.