PianoThe piano has been around since the 18th century and is based on earlier instruments such as the harpsichord and dulcimer. Whilst the traditional piano has been used to compose word-famous pieces of music for centuries, the ability to play piano has now become a real advantage when it comes to creating modern music too. Synthesisers and sampling keyboards emerged in the 1980s and any computer-based digital audio workstation is likely to have a keyboard attached to it. Our piano teacher, Dean M Davies, is qualified to diploma level and teaches students of all ages. Please feel free to contact us if you’d like to enquire about piano lessons, the cost is £12 for a 1/2-hour lesson. Our piano teachers are Dean M Davies, and Emma Horsley.

BeethovenThe great classical pianists include Fryderyk Chopin and Ludwig Van Beethoven but, as with all instruments, later generations of players pushed the role of the piano into new areas.

In the ’50s, contemporary players like Jerry Lee Lewis and Little Richard Performs At PianoLittle Richard brought the piano into rock and roll with an aggressive and often bizarre playing style. The age of the synthesiser spawned exceptional players in the world of progressive rock such as Keith Emerson and Rick Wakeman, who began to ‘stack’ keyboards, using several at once. Almost the entire movement of ‘electronica, during the ’80s was based on the keyboard and modern-day producers like Calvin Harris couldn’t do what they do without it.

Rick WakemanThe classical roots of the piano haven’t gone away, there are lots of highly respected modern-day composers like Carl Vine and Conrad Tao who continue to produce world-class pieces of music.