Composition and Music Production

NMA MacAs of October 2016, we got our mini studio up and running in Studio 2 which means we kicked off lessons in song composition and music production. We’re using Apple’s Logic Pro X production software; it’s one of the industry standard world-class Digital Audio Workstations that runs on Apple Mac computers – the other industry standard. We decided to follow the syllabus of the brand new Rock School Music Production course as we felt it was really well thought out. The Rock School course bolts together music production with elements of music theory, but it has a strong emphasis on free creativity; if that melody in your head sounds good to you – that’s all that matters! There are exams that students can take to formally achieve a grade, but if you’d rather not worry about exams, we don’t mind. If you just want to learn from the sessions, then that’s fine too. Lessons will cost the same as all other lessons at Neath Music Academy; £24 per hour. We don’t think 1/2-hour sessions would work for this type of learning. We also hold group ‘classroom’ style sessions on the equipment, terminology and technology involved; essential if you want to pursue the rock school grades.logic-pro-x

If you already have a musical idea you will really benefit from these classes, because you can develop that idea with the help of Matthew Fry, a BA graduate in Performance Industries, and an experienced song writer. Whilst you’re developing and recording the song, you can learn production techniques and DAW operation at the same time. It doesn’t matter how simple your musical idea is, many of the greatest songs in history started with one simple melody or a basic chord sequence.

Also, composition is a key part of both the GCSE and BTEC syllabuses. If you’re a great player, but feel that your grade is going to suffer because you struggle with developing your own musical ideas, these sessions will be perfect for you.

If you’re interested in booking lessons, or just want to have a chat and maybe a look at what we do, feel free to get in touch and we’ll happily answer any questions that you may have.